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Is your underwear an important part of your apparel? Think about it – sitting right next to your skin and protecting your most delicate body parts your underwear is your most important garment. You want it to be soft and comfortable to the skin, to accentuate your anatomical advantages, to support, stretch, breathe and stay in shape. But there is more to quality than meets the eyes and touch. You love your body, you love your life, your quality of life depends on the planet – so you’d better love good old Mother Earth as well. In this case by considering how your choice of undergarments affects the environment. ZLCOPENHAGEN puts a lot of effort into reducing the impact on the environment.


The waistband elastic on our underwear is made of up to 30% post-consumer recycled nylon. Nylon was created as a substitute for silk, it is pleasant to the skin and more durable than polyester. Our underwear is made from organic cotton certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – this standard guarantees that the material is organically grown and organically processed. No pesticides for our planet, no suspect chemicals for your body. For extended freshness between washings, the fabric has undergone treatment with antimicrobial silver technology. For ultimate transparency, there is a second certification coming with your new underwear. Say hello to WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), a team of global experts working for compliance with laws and workplace regulations, dignified work conditions, decent wages and safe and healthy work environment.

  • 2-pack brief with recycled waistband elastic by ZLCOPENHAGEN Danish Design
    Underwear, briefs by ZLCOPENHAGEN _ Organic Cotton


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    We are offering a great deal for you. It includes two briefs of navy blue and army green color. Both products are the most selling items. You will get an amazing discount by buying these two items together. These are the two most preferably chosen colors by men so we put them in a deal for your more convenience. You can see that how much sexy and manly our models are looking after wearing these seducing briefs. This underwear works like a magnet that attracts the naughty girls around you. They will give you an amazing feeling of comfort, confidence, and masculinity. It perfectly covers your beefy butt and sensually touching your private part so amazingly nothing will be hidden. Get the girl's attraction and bound them to think wet and naughty about you with your extremely sexy physique and yummy beefy thighs. Sexy brief fits your butt and groin perfectly so persons around you will fall in love with your sexiest look at first appearance. You can just imagine now that how seductive you will look as our hot and macho models are looking after wearing these hot little garments. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. We never compromise on the fabric used in items and fitting that amazingly fit a man’s body. We assure you that the product will give you complete man’s satisfaction about their dreamy sexiest body.
    $ 73
  • 2-Pack ZLC Trunks


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    2-Pack ZLC trunks Trunk with ZLC signature silvery waistband. Cut like boxers, tight like briefs. Designed to cover, support, and shape your privates. 2-Pack ZLC trunks The elastic waistband is made of up to 30% post-consumer recycled nylon, soft to the skin, and stronger than polyester. The actual trunk is made of 94% cotton and 6% spandex. The cotton is organically grown and organically processed. No pesticides for our planet, no tricky chemicals for your body. The Model is wearing size Medium. Enjoy our super deal with 2-Pack Trunks
    $ 81
  • ZLC 2-Pack boxer by ZLCOPENHAGEN - Oeko-Tex certified


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    This is the premium as well as the economical package to enhance your sexy appearance. Give a cool and airy environment to your big banana because it is healthy and relaxing for yourself too. You can even wear it while sleeping with your wife or partner. According to the suggestions of sexologists, you should prefer to wear boxers when going to date someone because it will be the more coolest and healthier environment for your bulge. Moreover, all the moments in which you want to relax your mind and body so you must put on the sexiest boxers made with 100% cotton. So it will give love and care to your soft and sensitive private part. Both colors are gently too good for enhancing a men’s macho look. These are the best choice to adopt a healthier and fertile life for a male person as well. Moreover, fly closure is too good when you are using public washrooms or intimating with your partner publicly. No doubt, this is the premium, economical, and sexiest garment that a man can get to maximize his masculine look and to impress all the persons around you. Enjoy them proudly.
    $ 68
  • ZLCOPENHAGEN Brief underwear offwhite
    Underwear, briefs by ZLCOPENHAGEN _ Organic Cotton


    ZLC White Brief This seductive white brief especially made for giving a man the sexiest look. Interestingly, your private part will look bigger in this white brief as compared to other colored briefs. So just imagine that you are attending a night bar party in which everyone is partially naked so you should wear this sexy little garment there. Your appearance will be mouth-watering for every girl around you and they would have only one option and that will be intimation. Just imagine that girls coming to you and touching your naked body then stretch the waistband of your underwear it will be a dreamy moment for you and your partner. Your look will be extremely magnetic after wearing this sexy little garment which will surely bound everyone’s eye to look at your middle part. All the girls at the bar will drink beer with you and then they will be easily agreed to dance with you as well as intimate with you. At bar your enticing look will not only grab the attention of women, in fact, men will also attract you. So if you are bisexual so it will be a superlative option for you. Wearing white men’s underwear shows that how much you are conscious to keep clean your private part because white colors mean clean and wide. This brief will become your uniform at the bar because devil people at bar will admire you in this look always.
    $ 42
  • Navy brief, from backside.
    Navy brief by by ZLC, closed up.


    In the end, it's all about the pose and angle of your bodacious bum. Enjoy our ZLC Navy Brief. Every girl’s admiration is to intimate with sexy navy men. Just think of a scene at a swimming pool and you are wearing navy blue underwear at the same moment a girl looking up to your masculine abdomen and beefy thighs. She will just want to touch your sexy prominent thighs under fitted navy blue brief. She could even move her hand up to your important part because in the water it will be so lovely to do that. The navy blue color of this brief will look apparent in the water and it will bound the people around you to look toward your man’s main part. After that, you are coming out of the water and your wet partially naked body and underwear will give you a more enticing look. In the swimming pool, the open fly will let your groin part super cool, and when a girl will come to you so it will be fire on ice. The combo of navy blue brief with transparent water will be so classy. The navy blue color shows the power, strength, and authority that men should have. So wear it and show some power and authority to your partner at the first appearance. This item is perfectly made for men who want to show their bodies and seduce all the people in their surroundings. Have fun with this sexy little navy blue garment that is amazingly made to make your look sexier as you ever dream.
    $ 42
  • Army brief underwear recycled elastic front Danish Design by ZLCOPENHAGEN
    Army brief underwear with recycled elastic band Danish Design by ZLCOPENHAGEN_Underwear Brief with Organic Cotton


    Hot soldier Brief ZLC is perfectly made for enhancing men’s erotic look. The contrast of the silver and olive green color bounds the human eye to bother it. Its sensual fitting keeps you excite all the time. Nobody can ignore you while you are wearing it. This will be your best ever choice for your groin part. Don’t forget to put on this sexy brief, especially when you are going to intimate with your partner. Moreover, you can wear it on beaches to attract all the girls near you and at parties to seduce everyone around you. So make the environment hot by putting on this manly stuff. We guarantee that this brief underwear will fulfill your manly requirements.
    $ 42
    Chalky Off White trunk underwear | Danish Design by ZLCOPENHAGEN


    The new ZLC Chalky Off White trunk underwear is the mood of the body. This new comfy underwear provides you with the ultimate comfort and a look that will be worth it. Going on date with your ladylove and you might get a chance for a sleepover with her. We live in the times where the first impression goes to a very last bit. Make it a good one by wearing the extraordinary in-wear. With its transparent look, the ZLC chalky Off white trunk underwear is as if you're wearing nothing. Give some good vibes to your bubble butt with these trunks that she would love to see you in. So, get yourself prepared to surprise your girl with your desired look. Wear underwear and sleep in comfort. While the girl lying with will be all in love with you in the dead-ass look.
    $ 42
  • Navy Trunks Organic Underwear By ZLCOPENHAGEN
    Marine Navy Blue Trunk by ZLCOPENHAGEN


    Sexy Marine Navy Blue Trunks with recycled nylon elastic by ZLCOPENHAGEN. So, it’s time to crack the nut of confidence by wearing this beautiful and sexy Navy blue trunk. Add this to your collection of underwear now! Underwear is the item clothing that is seen less often but shouldn't be neglected. If you know you're going to be seen in your in-wears, why not make an effort to make it look cool upon you. There are times when you should play safely around people and other times you should take more of a risk to bring the best of your sexuality and make their ogles at you worth it. Your Secret Sword deserves something that fits well and flatters your body shape. This new Navy blue trunk is made perfectly to give shape to your body and delicate bubble butt. Go on your workout session with this slim-fit underwear because you need all the support you can get while lifting weight and stay cool on those sweety cardio days. While your sweating body will look sensual, the ZLC Navy blue trunk will add up to your aesthetic outlook. So don't miss out on the chance to try this extraordinary underwear that has the power to leave a lasting impression on others. Navy blue trunk by ZLC.
    $ 42
  • Army trunk underwear front Danish Design by ZLCOPENHAGEN
    Army trunks by ZLC. Aurelien shows his back.


    Have you ever just wanted to feel a little sexy and comfy? Well, you have got the chance with our ZLC Army trunk. Everyone will be jealous of you in these trunks. Your girl will be in the perfect mood for some mischief when she would see you in this unique and sexy macho-like army trunk. This dark and sexy look is perfect for getting naughty. Let the inner soldier come out and let the battle begin. Our classic ZLC Army Trunk with a unique design is an exemplary fit for your body as it is comfortable and very easy to adjust your package throughout the day. Apart from all these pros, this military-army-green colour trunk gives you the feeling of a soldier who is always ready for his duty!
    $ 42
    Rafael loves our off white boxer


    We have designed the sexiest and airy wear for your beefy private organ. This white ZLC off-white boxer enables your manly part to breathe out properly. If you really wanna impress your intimating partner, then you ought to wear it. It will play an enticing role at first appearance. Interestingly, white-colored garments make your body parts look bigger & bulky. White color is also a sign of purity, cleanliness, and freshness. It is guaranteed that it will give you a confident and attractive look that must be the need of every man. On the front side of underwear, recycled buttons are used. Fly closure gives you ease while urinating or sudden intimation. There is no compromise on the softness of the cloth. It keeps your groin rash-free and comfortable. Now you don’t have to be worried about rashes or itching due to irritating cloth. Even if you are an athlete or gym freak you can have this skin-friendly inner. The waist elastic band is not so loose or tight. In this way, you will feel cool and you will not have marks on your waist as well. It is properly designed according to trendy fashion requirements. Now just grab this masterpiece to fully fill your manly needs.
    $ 37
  • zlc-grey-boxer-front


    Either want to shovel or feel lusty, ZLC grey boxer fits your need giving you a sexy and clammy glance. The nubile grey and trendy white colors will turn a stranger into a sweetheart while you are on the beach! As soon as you own this sultry boxer you feel glad to have a look at its built quality and seductive style. The GOTS-certified fabric is harmless to all skins and does not affect your sperm production. The ZLC boxer will be a masterpiece for a hunk to show more through its button fly construction which is icing on the cake. The 2 buttons add to the devilishly sexier look allowing you to pull out, reach-in, and replace faster so that your chick didn’t need to wait longer. Be ready to look erotic and confident. You can order a pair before all are gone!
    $ 37
  • Button-fly boxer for men in navy color
    Button-fly boxer for men in navy color


    Choose this premium boxer to give your private part an airy and easier environment to make sperms faster. Yes, it’s true that if your underwear is airy and not so tight so it helps in making sperms fast. This item is professionally designed so it perfectly fits on your manly thighs and muscular waist. You will feel so easy and comfortable if you are planning to go outside wearing this super cool garment underneath. This is so airy and cool because of the fly and broad bottom. Moreover, just imagine that you are performing gym and your sexy body is fully wet and droplets moving from the top toward your bottom and everyone staring at you. It will be the most enticing moment for all the girls around you. In fact, boys will be also get noticed. Blue and the shades of this color are always considered to be connected with men. So be a man and attract your crush at the gym. As well as don’t hide your beefy banana because the boxer enables it to show more clearly. So now all the eyes are your private part and your wish becomes true as every sexy man dream.
    $ 37
  • zlc-off-white-long-john-2
    Off white Long John by ZLCOPENHAGEN


    Off white long John by ZLCOPENHAGEN. The long john over the skin will increase the confidence and appeal. This will make you the devil of the night in bed on those cozy winter nights. Hotness will drench the thirst of tasting it with a closer touch. Lover won’t be able to leave you alone with those long john as it will be a naked thought. Every cut of your body is like a diamond reflecting light with naughtier intentions for your lover. Wear it anywhere you want with an easy-to-handle tag of being a man. Making out in bed or on a date, this long john won’t let you miss the opportunity of getting indulged in peace of love and just touch. The feel of hands over your lap manipulates the thoughts to end it with a joy of desperate love intercourse. Expecting the loving sight you won’t regret the pleasure of being touched with an erotic feel. The show-off of thighs attracts with their clothes tilted one side. Body over body wearing these long Johns will not make you feel if there’s anything in between. The whole comfort during love hours assists your partner to feel the erotic intentions. Making out in these long John will be much more fun and sexier than before as you leap with an attractive trunk kissed with naughty lips.
    $ 85
  • White long john by ZLC.


    Wearing this ZLC Long john brief will attract the sexy bugs of your life like honey with their clothes off. Long johns over your body making your curves wet and enjoying the erotic bulge parts Dense smoke of love and touch will endure your personality in these curvey pants. Adjusted and comfortable genitals will have the pure form of attraction. Wearing those in the morning will not let your partner stand-alone but just stare at those bulged parts. The white color will intimate your bulge genitals into an erotic and appealing look.
    $ 85
  • Navy Long John by ZLC.


    ZLC navy Long John underwear just designed perfectly to provide an added layer of insulation. Made from 100% organic cotton. Wide skin waistband features an elastic band which is made of 30% post-consumer recycled nylon yarn. These thermal Long John underwear sit perfectly under your clothing without any hesitation. The long john is manufactured on request with an expected delivery of 2 weeks.
    $ 85
  • Sleeveless Onesie by ZLC
    sleeveless onesie zlc details


    Please note, that this garment, is custom made on demand with an expected delivery of 4-6 weeks. ZLC Sleeveless Onesie with branded button closure. Pick your favored color among army, bordeaux, navy and off white. ZLC Onesie is made from 100% organic cotton, GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified, free of harmful chemicals. This handmade garment keeps your body warm and happy during the Winter. Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The Model is wearing size Medium. Wash & Care: Separate light from darks. Machine wash with similar colors. Tumble dry. Iron warm. No chlorine bleach.
    $ 136
  • Details-of-the-Onesie-from-ZLCOPENHAGEN_1


    ZLC WHITE ONESIE If you really want to entice your partner so never forget to wear this super enticing garment. Because it is enough to make horny at first touch and appearence. Now you don’t have to wear two separate undergarments, underwear and a vest because a onesie is a perfect replacement for both. The classic style of buttons starts from the chest and down to your balls. It’s guaranteed that this his sexy piece of garment gives you classical manly look. It gives soft and sweat-free experience to your chest, half arms, back, butts, groin and full thighs. It’s feel, touch and look will inspire you a lot, like someone holding or touching your body. Buttons are right next to your genitals which gives you so many benefits. First one, you will have air access to your balls and penis which is so important for healthy sperms. Second one, you can urinate easily while in public washrooms, you don’t have to put off your pants. Third one, you can intimate in outdoor confidently and intimate when you are so hurry and you don’t want to put off you all clothes. When it comes to the user experience of this product so many of them suggested to wear it while intimating with partner. Because it is so easy to charge emotions with it’s super classy and appealing appearance.
    $ 153



Danish Designed underwear collection in Copenhagen, Denmark - ZLCOPENHAGEN



There are many ways that we know briefs, and we can find them with names like slip or brasils. Briefs are underpants that refer to any underwear for the male gender. There are also other types of underpants, such as boxers, jockstraps, and thongs, but for now, we will only talk about briefs.

The briefs that we offer are of the highest quality, very comfortable, and a perfect fit. Thanks to its spandex elasticity and 100% Organic Cotton, it allows you comfort and breathability to the intimate masculine area. Its design and fit will highlight your manly anatomy, in addition to offering a fashionable variety of colors: navy, military, or if you prefer classic white.

The ZLC briefs do not cause any type of issues, because they have no pesticides and are made with totally natural and ecological materials, they do not harm the planet and they take care of your skin free from pollutants and artificial chemical products. In our brand, we always seek to be at the state-of-art of fashion and offer the best fashion products at an unprecedented price, in addition, to be sustainable, in order to help the ecosystem. Fashion, comfort, and environmental support are not something for which they must be contradictory with each other.



Besides that, we are a Scandinavian brand that thinks of the best for you and for the planet and of course, we have worldwide shipping to any part of the world. With our briefs, you will be sure to acquire the most comfortable, breathable, conscious, and respectful environment underwear that you have ever acquired. We offer an elegant, simple, and modern design in each product we provide. With us, you can have peace of mind by receiving the most ecological and best-manufactured male underwear.



Underwear, briefs by ZLCOPENHAGEN


Chalky Off White trunk underwear | Danish Design by ZLCOPENHAGEN


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