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Is your underwear an important part of your apparel? Think about it – sitting right next to your skin and protecting your most delicate body parts your underwear is your most important garment. You want it to be soft and comfortable to the skin, to accentuate your anatomical advantages, to support, stretch, breathe and stay in shape. But there is more to quality than meets the eyes and touch. You love your body, you love your life, your quality of life depends on the planet – so you’d better love good old Mother Earth as well. In this case by considering how your choice of undergarments affects the environment. ZLCOPENHAGEN puts a lot of effort into reducing the impact on the environment.


The waistband elastic on our underwear is made of up to 30% post-consumer recycled nylon. Nylon was created as a substitute for silk, it is pleasant to the skin and more durable than polyester. Our underwear is made from organic cotton certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – this standard guarantees that the material is organically grown and organically processed. No pesticides for our planet, no suspect chemicals for your body. For extended freshness between washings, the fabric has undergone treatment with antimicrobial silver technology. For ultimate transparency, there is a second certification coming with your new underwear. Say hello to WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), a team of global experts working for compliance with laws and workplace regulations, dignified work conditions, decent wages, and a safe and healthy work environment.

  • zlc-off-white-long-john-2
    Off white Long John by ZLCOPENHAGEN


    Off white long John by ZLCOPENHAGEN. The long john over the skin will increase the confidence and appeal. This will make you the devil of the night in bed on those cozy winter nights. Hotness will drench the thirst of tasting it with a closer touch. Lover won’t be able to leave you alone with those long john as it will be a naked thought. Every cut of your body is like a diamond reflecting light with naughtier intentions for your lover. Wear it anywhere you want with an easy-to-handle tag of being a man. Making out in bed or on a date, this long john won’t let you miss the opportunity of getting indulged in peace of love and just touch. The feel of hands over your lap manipulates the thoughts to end it with a joy of desperate love intercourse. Expecting the loving sight you won’t regret the pleasure of being touched with an erotic feel. The show-off of thighs attracts with their clothes tilted one side. Body over body wearing these long Johns will not make you feel if there’s anything in between. The whole comfort during love hours assists your partner to feel the erotic intentions. Making out in these long John will be much more fun and sexier than before as you leap with an attractive trunk kissed with naughty lips.
    $ 85
  • White long john by ZLC.


    Wearing this ZLC Long john brief will attract the sexy bugs of your life like honey with their clothes off. Long johns over your body making your curves wet and enjoying the erotic bulge parts Dense smoke of love and touch will endure your personality in these curvey pants. Adjusted and comfortable genitals will have the pure form of attraction. Wearing those in the morning will not let your partner stand-alone but just stare at those bulged parts. The white color will intimate your bulge genitals into an erotic and appealing look.
    $ 85
  • Navy Long John by ZLC.


    ZLC navy Long John underwear just designed perfectly to provide an added layer of insulation. Made from 100% organic cotton. Wide skin waistband features an elastic band which is made of 30% post-consumer recycled nylon yarn. These thermal Long John underwear sit perfectly under your clothing without any hesitation. The long john is manufactured on request with an expected delivery of 2 weeks.
    $ 85




We are bestowing you the cozy waistband with up to 30% post-consumer recycled nylon which is amiable to your skin and far more sturdy than the regular polyester. It also helps in reducing energy usage, water pollution, and air pollution. This way we lend a hand to environment protection and societal care.

But wait we haven't reached the climax of our astonishing movie. We are also showering the Brief with 94% organically produced cotton which will leave no harmful chemical effects on your body. As everyone knows organically produced materials aren't treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms which are detrimental to both farmers and users. Hence, we assure our consumers' well-being. After all, a satisfied consumer is the best reward for any business. And lastly, we also furnish the brief with 6% spandex fiber that imparts your comfort with the desired fit providing you the wanted shape.

Woah!! This is precisely a kind deal that you rarely perceive even wandering with the Aladdin's Lamp. So, get up and order your ZLC Long John to seize your machismo. Hurry up and step into the world of kosher virility…….


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