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Debuting My Brand’s First Collection

In my first underwear collection, showcased in this video, I tell the story of two enchanting characters: Patrick, a window cleaner, and Rannva, a captivating woman. Set in the historic streets of Copenhagen’s Magstræde, their chance encounter sparks a whirlwind romance amidst the charm of cobblestone pathways and ancient buildings.

As Patrick diligently tends to his work, Rannva’s radiant smile catches his eye, drawing them together in a moment of undeniable connection. In a daring move, Rannva unveils Patrick’s sculpted physique beneath his work attire, igniting a passion that echoes the timeless allure of their surroundings.

Their love, immortalized in the fabric of Patrick’s underwear, symbolizes the enduring magic of their encounter amidst Copenhagen’s ancient streets. This tale of love and destiny unfolds against the backdrop of cobblestones and sunlight, capturing the essence of romance in the heart of the city.

Through this collection and video, I invite you to join Patrick and Rannva on their journey of love and connection, where every stitch tells a story of enchantment and allure.


From the Heart of Denmark to the Soul of Punjab

So here we are! I’m Zahid, the heart behind ZLCOPENHAGEN. Born in Denmark’s cozy Åbenrå with roots reaching into Punjab’s lively essence, my life is a tapestry of two rich cultures. This blend isn’t just my heritage—it’s the pulse of our brand. Come, let me share with you the journey of creating fashion that speaks to the soul.

Introducing my groundbreaking creation from the Danish Design School project: the Reversible Innovation Jacket. It redefined menswear by blending classic lines with modern design. I merged traditional suit fabrics with high-performance sports materials. This not only improved comfort but also added functionality.

What made this jacket unique was its reversible feature. With a simple flip, it transformed from classic to sporty, suitable for any occasion.

Craftsmanship was key. Every stitch reflected my dedication to pushing boundaries and reshaping fashion norms. Designed in Copenhagen, the collection came to life thanks to skilled tailors at Dandy Design in Lahore, Pakistan, in 2008. It was a proud moment, seeing my vision become reality.

The Reversible Innovation Jacket is more than just clothing. It embodies the fusion of my creative vision with the craftsmanship of skilled tailors in Lahore, Pakistan, and the design sophistication of Copenhagen. Each stitch tells a story, blending the heritage of both worlds into a wearable masterpiece that speaks to individuality and innovation.

Designer receives applause on stage at Carlsberg Copenhagen catwalk event