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Black Leather Black Anchor is made from supple black leather with Black ZLC Anchor rounding off the nautical theme.

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Black Leather Black Anchor is made from supple black leather with Black ZLC Anchor rounding off the nautical theme.



ZLCOPENHAGEN’s Black Leather Anchor Bracelet stands as a symbol of resistance and a pledge for justice. This piece, part of our Upcycled Leather Jewelry collection, combines the fight against oppression with the art of fashion. The anchor signifies strength and stability, a nod to those who stand firm against injustice.

Crafted with a focus on sustainability, the bracelet uses upcycled leather, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical fashion. The design marries Danish minimalism with Oriental curves, showcasing a unique blend of cultures and aesthetics.

Wearing this bracelet is a statement: it’s choosing to side with resilience, to wear a piece that speaks of battles against wrongdoing, and to align with values of sustainability and ethical practices. It’s about making fashion choices that matter in a world where what we wear reflects our stance on crucial issues.

With each Black Leather Anchor Bracelet, ZLCOPENHAGEN invites you to join a movement of style-conscious individuals who believe in making a difference. This isn’t just jewellery; it’s part of a larger conversation about justice, resistance, and the power of mindful consumerism.

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The anchor symbolizes strength and justice, deeply embedded in the essence of our Black Leather Anchor Bracelet. This emblem serves as a powerful reminder to stay firm and resilient, mirroring the anchor’s role in securing a ship amidst turbulent seas. Our bracelet champions these values, urging wearers to embrace the power within and advocate for fairness and righteousness in every aspect of life.

ZLCOPENHAGEN’s commitment to these ideals shines through in our sustainable and ethical fashion choices. The Black Leather Anchor Bracelet isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement of enduring strength and a call to action for justice. It reflects our belief in standing up for what is right, leveraging fashion as a force for positive change.

This piece encourages wearers to support strength and justice, not only in words but through actions. It symbolizes a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, aligning with ZLCOPENHAGEN’s vision of a world where fashion and values walk hand in hand.

Choosing this bracelet means joining a community that values not just style but the stories and principles behind what we wear. It’s a testament to the belief that true strength is found in pursuing justice, powered by the collective action of those who proudly wear these symbols.