10. April 2019 ZLC Team
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You wear underwear more than any other single piece of attire. But still, why is underwear an afterthought for most guys?

Jorge Chavarro and a number of researchers from Harvard University examined on 656 men to count sperm quality and the types of underwear they wore most. The new study showed a significant difference between boxer wearers and non-boxer wearers. So now the questions arise- are boxer briefs bad for sperm count? Should I wear boxers or briefs? Studies showed that men who wear boxer shorts have a greater amount of (25 percent sperm concentration) sperm counts than those who wear briefs. The researchers also found that, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) response high on tight wearing participants. Sperm consistency, total count and active swimming sperm were inversely related to serum FSH. The study found that the more airy boxer shorts generally the more had better count sperm. Men who wore boxer shorts had a 25% higher sperm concentration, 17% higher total sperm count and 33% more swimming sperm in a single ejaculate than men who wore other types of underwear [1].

Well, semen production is in top condition and stay healthier when the testicle is cooler than the rest of the abdomen. Tight-fitting underwear and heat in the scrotal area, underwear fabric, can thus make the testicles heat and thus have a negative effect on sperm quality. But this cross-sectional study is so controversial and thus lead to different results with some crucial factors. Semen samples and blood samples are related to some contributing factors such as age, habits, weight, smoking, and height. Thus, the researchers are on the dilemma and cannot determine the exact reason for sperm quality are due to the choice of underpants or on other factors. Moreover, gym effects on sperm count too and can result in high sperm count. However, from this study researcher did supplementary suggestion that when it comes to underwear, the short boxer, the loser may be a better option to conceive.