Off white long John by ZLCOPENHAGEN.
The long john over the skin will increase the confidence and appeal. This will make you the devil of the night in bed on those cozy winter nights. Hotness will drench the thirst of tasting it with a closer touch. Lover won’t be able to leave you alone with those long john as it will be a naked thought. Every cut of your body is like a diamond reflecting light with naughtier intentions for your lover.

Wear it anywhere you want with an easy-to-handle tag of being a man. Making out in bed or on a date, this long john won’t let you miss the opportunity of getting indulged in peace of love and just touch. The feel of hands over your lap manipulates the thoughts to end it with a joy of desperate love intercourse. Expecting the loving sight you won’t regret the pleasure of being touched with an erotic feel.

The show-off of thighs attracts with their clothes tilted one side. Body over body wearing these long Johns will not make you feel if there’s anything in between. The whole comfort during love hours assists your partner to feel the erotic intentions. Making out in these long John will be much more fun and sexier than before as you leap with an attractive trunk kissed with naughty lips.

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  • ZLC dog tag for men. Training with occlusion band.




    If you are a muscular man so must put this luxury pendant over your neck to add on more attraction. It perfectly satisfies the fashion demand of this age. Just imagine that you have opened the top buttons of your shirt and all the girls are staring at your dog tag. Your sexiest muscular chest and this dog tag magnetically bound all the people around you to look at this premium item. In this youngster era, this is the best choice to be a more handsome, fashionable, and classy man. No doubt, this is the utmost favorable item when it comes to men’s personality and fashion. Amazingly, you can even wear it during shower time and your partner will pull yourself nearer beholding this dog tag so It will just be so wild and sexy as you are her dog and she is your dog keeper. Don’t be worry that it will get corrosion because this is made with pure stainless steel so that it will be so friendly whenever you interact with water. Such as during swimming, shower, beach, rainfall, and many more wet moments. So it’s time to add something unique and enticing to boost your macho personality. Enjoy our masculine dog tag by ZLC.
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    ZLC WHITE ONESIE If you really want to entice your partner so never forget to wear this super enticing garment. Because it is enough to make horny at first touch and appearence. Now you don’t have to wear two separate undergarments, underwear and a vest because a onesie is a perfect replacement for both. The classic style of buttons starts from the chest and down to your balls. It’s guaranteed that this his sexy piece of garment gives you classical manly look. It gives soft and sweat-free experience to your chest, half arms, back, butts, groin and full thighs. It’s feel, touch and look will inspire you a lot, like someone holding or touching your body. Buttons are right next to your genitals which gives you so many benefits. First one, you will have air access to your balls and penis which is so important for healthy sperms. Second one, you can urinate easily while in public washrooms, you don’t have to put off your pants. Third one, you can intimate in outdoor confidently and intimate when you are so hurry and you don’t want to put off you all clothes. When it comes to the user experience of this product so many of them suggested to wear it while intimating with partner. Because it is so easy to charge emotions with it’s super classy and appealing appearance.
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  • Schwarze klassische Badebekleidung



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Off White Long John presented by ZLCOPENHAGEN. Our ZLC Long Johns are designed to fit perfectly as an everyday base layer for cold chili days during the winter season. The composition of the fiber controls body temperature and designed with a loose baggy style allowing natural, free movement. Button-free fly construction for easy entering. Enjoy!

See also our collaboration with Econyl here.

  • 100 % eco-friendly cotton
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Free of harmful nasty chemicals
  • Separate light from dark
  • Machine wash with similar colors
  • Tumble dry. Low heat is recommended
  • Maximum wash at 40° Celsius
  • Use more and Wash less
  • Sizes: S – M Size guide
  • Loose fit
  • Comfortable next to your skin
  • Full length
Off white Long John by ZLCOPENHAGEN


For men there are by width is open fly construction. The prospects of quality are rare and pure. It’s the design that is a perfect match for adhering to the typical style of Underneath’s article. Has the course of recent years, the close men-wearing articles in the fashion industry have unquestionably seen a ton of improvement in long john. The exemplary Debate over-exercise versus normal use has now moved to the convenience of the erotic appealing styles of men’s clothing. The Customers of long john are available to talk about the fabric soft ribbon clothing and pocket clothing for men which were prior viewed as Taboo and shameful.



Purity, style, and shading of color are the three credits that should be considered for long john clothing. The open fly construction of the clothing is identified with three things; The size, environment, and routine utilized. Clothing that adjusts to internal heat level’s whatever the environment gives superior feedback.



The added material is defensive, yet effectively arranged and prompted overheating of thighs. Later the fabric texture is made of delicate and adaptable material. In terms of designs, this style has changed gears and has become a sexual piece for the joy reason. The style of athletic supporters is intended to present the male masculine. The attractive style of men’s long john support covers and covers the front, however, leaves nothing to the creative mind at the back.



Have you ever wondered why is it called Long John. Well, here you will get your answer. Let’s take some steps back in history, and find out how it all began.

The long john is the development of the long john (likewise called warm clothing or long clothing) is credited to John Smedley a British boxer in the English town of Matlock in Derbyshire. These are fabricated to the dress in the vicinity of his Lea Mills in the late eighteenth century. The family-run Smedley organization works in the plants 236 years after the fact and cases to be the most seasoned assembling production line in the world.

Long johns are divided into two separate bits of texture: a top and base that developed from cotton wear. Nonetheless, a comparable kind of base layer additionally began in the late nineteenth century made out of one piece of clothing. The association suit color has the famous back fold or cozy white color. The piece of clothing configuration began in the men’s updated fashion change development of the late Victorian period, which planned to make garments that is more agreeable and viable

Off white Long John by ZLCOPENHAGEN side view

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