The ZLC Man doesn’t want to wear what everyone else wears: he detests uniformity. He wants to stand out in a crowd by wearing clothing that accentuates his natural sensuality and charisma. He is never fussy but rather prefers simplicity and style.

The man strives to show his uniqueness to the world and he is never a slave to the fashion industry. He blazes his own fashion path opting for consistently classic designs that have a timeless appeal. Moreover, wants clothing and accessories that don’t have to be discarded every season. Thus wants pieces that will last a lifetime and look great throughout the changing tides of fashion. He doesn’t ride the wave of fashion trends and needs someone else to tell him what looks good.

He will choose our products because they offer him the best of style because the products are dedicated to the man who wants to look fashionable and who is aware of the changing global fashion trends.

Underwear boxers briefs trunks swimwear by ZLCOPENHAGEN Danish Design
Army trunks underwear organic by ZLCOPENHAGEN


The ZLC Man loves his body and wants to adorn it with only the best. He is well-groomed with an impeccable physique. His body is the greatest asset and he cares about it with a pride. He spends time making himself look his best and he goes beyond the standard shower and shaves routine in the morning. He probably uses a variety of body and skin care products to ensure that his natural good look will last a lifetime.

The ZLC Man is an active man who values comfort and wearability whether he is at work or enjoying his spare time. He takes meticulous care of his body, leading a healthy and active lifestyle also he might find himself in a variety of situations from work to the gym or to a romantic evening. He wants to look his best in every circumstance. However he never wants to sacrifice quality and sustainability for the style.

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The ZLC man loves our planet and makes conscious choices daily that safeguard our world for future generations. He is definitely aware of the global changes.

He recycles, he has a reusable coffee cup and he walks or bikes when he can. He hates seeing wastes and he is willing to spend a little bit extra to ensure that he is making environmentally-friendly decisions when he makes a purchase.

The ZLC man appreciates the possibilities to choose products which come from the either fast or slow production. For him it matters to be aware of the choices he makes in his life, that gradually make a less impact on the mother earth because he is assured of the utmost in quality and sustainability.

Military army brief underwear organic by ZLCOPENHAGEN


The ZLC man loves to show off to his audience whether be at work or the gym. He pays more attention to appearance and tends to have a fashion sense. He chooses quality or branded clothing and has grooming habits. And, he prefers a perfect appearance such as more fragrant and neater that makes him more comfortable to show off in front of others. In addition, to attract undeniable attention, he can get the praise of many people for the appearance worn.

The ZLC man is well known as a figure who keeps a clean, caring, and healthier body. Did you know that Johnny Depp, a famous movie star is the same as our ZLC man? Johnny Depp spends hours in the morning just to look great. He is the Jack sparrow of the fashion industry as he always chooses quality men wear, same as of ZLC man.

Before building interpersonal relationships with someone, he seems to improve the appearance. He also directly socializes with others, on the other hand, they become themselves, there are also those with a cool personality.

The ZLC products are made keeping in mind the need and desire of Adjusting his role according to his environment to be accepted by others. We know you love to show yourself on social media therefore, the classic Danish design from us will give you that beautiful acceptance on social media.



ZLC Chalky Off White Trunk Recycled Nylon Elastic by ZLCOPENHAGEN

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