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Handmade sunglasses, made of red coloured bamboo.
Dive into a world where eco-conscious meets irresistibly sexy. Our red bamboo sunglasses, made of red coloured bamboo, aren’t just a nod to sustainability—they’re a bold statement of desire. Crafted to set your heart racing and the planet sighing in relief, these shades with their TAC polarized lenses promise not only to shield your eyes but to turn heads, sparking curiosity and allure wherever you go.
Embrace your naughty side while being a hero for our oceans and wildlife. Ready to be the center of attention and the champion of change? Slip these on and watch the world watch you.

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Plastic is fantastic, they say. But hold on a minute – is it really? With oceans drowning in plastic and wildlife suffering, it’s time to rethink our love affair with synthetic materials. Sure, they may seem convenient, but at what cost? The truth is, plastic pollution is choking our planet, and the consequences are dire. So, are you still convinced that plastic is fantastic?

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Sunglass TLC: ZLC’s Quirky Care Guide

  1. Sweet Nothings: Whisper compliments to your ZLC shades; they thrive on praise (just be subtle about it).
  2. Water = Not a Friend: ZLC sunglasses prefer to stay dry. Gentle wipes only.
  3. Solo Sleeps: They demand their own cozy case at night, far from under-pillow adventures.
  4. Face Sunbathing Only: Let them bask on your face, not in the sauna of your car’s dashboard.
  5. Space Lovers: Avoid tight squeezes in bags. They’re classy and like their personal space.

Follow these fun tips to keep your ZLC eyewear feeling loved, looking fabulous, and serving sass!

Size & Fit Guide for ZLC’s Red Shades & Spanish Model Swimwear

Dive into the perfect fit with ZLC’s iconic Red Shades and our Spanish Model swimwear. Here’s the scoop on sizing:

ZLC’s Red Shades:

  • Universal fit with adjustable nose pads for personalized comfort.
  • Featherlight frames for zero-pressure wear, perfect for all-day adventures.
  • Broad lenses not only make a style statement but ensure full sun protection.

Spanish Model Swimwear:

  • Sizes range from S to XL to celebrate every body.
  • Crafted for a snug fit that enhances your shape without squeezing.
  • Quick-drying material for seamless transition from water to land.

Embrace the sun with ZLC’s Red Shades and make waves in our Spanish Model swimwear. Style meets comfort for endless summer fun.


Meet our Spanish Model: effortlessly cool, standing relaxed in his eye-catching pink swimwear. He’s not just waiting around; he’s owning the moment with his stylish reddish shades that add a pop of colour and a dash of mystery to his look. This outfit isn’t about trying too hard; it’s about natural confidence and the kind of cool that draws eyes without asking for them. Perfect for poolside lounging or just being your most vibrant self, our Spanish Model ensemble celebrates the easy-going yet bold spirit of summer.

If you still new to this material, then you can learn more about it here bamboo material.

Red bamboo sunglasses with protective box and cleaning cloth, highlighting eco-luxury and care.