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Swimwear for men is the absolute minimum of clothing that most men will wear in public, which is all the more reason to make it count. Swimming and sea bathing has always been a part of human history and a pleasurable activity that men and women enjoyed alike. Just like on another occasion where you put your energies to find something good to wear, choosing a swimsuit for your next beach party shouldn’t be underestimated.

However, with tens of thousands of swimwear companies marketing their products, it is virtually harder to decide which swimwear you should choose and why. The ultimate goal of sea bathing is to relax your body in the water while at the same time getting a look that is seductive and appealing to others.  The bulging muscular thighs that you have worked on in the gym shouldn’t get hidden under some low-grade swimwear. Your delicate decent body deserves style, quality & comfort and

ZLC swimwear will give you more than that. Made of Econyl and comfortable fabric, ZLC swimwear will inject the ultimate comfort that your body needs and provide you with the sexiest look that is all compatible with summer beach vibes. Get a bit alluring and confident with our wide range of our collection from lighter shades to dark ones — to carry on with your changing moods. Conquer everything around you with this hyper-gorgeous swimwear that is designed to protect your delicate body from getting rough while giving you a fine aesthetic and seductive look on hot summer days.

Sensual, seductive, and vibrant – this swimwear are specially designed for all modern men like you! With our swimwears’ reversible feature, they have the quality to be turned from one colour to another, without having to get another one — that too within seconds.

  • Logo printed | White Swimwear recycled with logo print | New design by ZLCOPENHAGEN. Coming up later 2021/2022
    Logo printed | White Swimwear recycled with logo print | New design by ZLCOPENHAGEN. Coming up later 2021/2022


    Fine as fuck and comfy as hell. If you want to show some classy style this swimwear is the ultimate choice for your beach adventures.
    $ 51
  • Reversible Burgundy Swimwear - ZLC Burgundy Swimwear is made of Econyl®, a nylon fiber exclusively made from regenerated post-consumer waste, such as clothing, carpets, and fishing nets.
    Burgundy Swimwear - ZLC Burgundy Swimwear is made of Econyl®, a nylon fiber exclusively made from regenerated post-consumer waste, such as clothing, carpets, and fishing nets. Danish Design by ZLCOPENHAGEN


    Fine as fuck and comfy as hell, ZLC Burgundy swimwear is the ultimate choice for your beach adventures. Under the blazing sun that has reached its zenith, your body needs something that may cool it down. You walk on the beach sand on a perfect hot sunny day and are about to jump into the water. Your sweating body has all the sex appeal that they crave and now is the time to make it more alluring for them. You grab the Piña Colada that will cool down your sweaty body and give you the energy that you'll need in the water. You jump into the blue water with this suggestive body wearing the ZLC Burgundy swimwear that is all about making you more confident inside and outside the water. But the adventure doesn't end here. While you come out of the water, the sweaty body is now dipping with the water drops. Sunrays on that wet body make it more sensual and appealing - something that we all can say "BODY GOALS. So what are you waiting for! Try out the new ZLC Burgundy swimwear, and arouse the surroundings with a unique sexual appeal. Be the man of your own style and put on the aesthetic beach look that will make your crush not take her eyes out of you whenever she sees you in this sensual swimwear.
    $ 51
  • Jungle green Swimwear Front ZLCOPENHAGEN Recycled Reversible Swimwer - Underwear
    Jungle green Swimwear Back ZLCOPENHAGEN Recycled Reversible Swimwer - Underwear


    On a bright sunny Sunday, you plan to hike on the mountain. You choose the track to start your hiking adventure. But the day is going to get more adventurous when you lose your way on the track and get somewhere covered with flora and fauna - perhaps a kind of jungle. Fatigued with hiking, your body is already sweating in the warmth. The temperature is just as hot as your bulging body looks when it shines under the blazing sun. Sweating and heating, it's time to refresh your body a little, and what can be more refreshing than diving into the water. Near to the jungle, you see a waterfall running its course. Your burning body needs some fresh water and you're exactly going to do that. Throw away your tracksuit and put on the ZLC reversible swimwear. Your bulging thighs are visible from the wear and make you look like a hunk. But as you go down in the water, you see the beautiful sight of pink fishes and other sea creatures. This particular sight makes you change your swimwear's colour from green to pink - and ZLC got your mood swings. So by just turning it inside out, you change the colour of your swimwear in seconds that seem more vibrant and energetic when being around those water creatures. So what are waiting for? Get your hands on ZLC Jungle green swimwear that will enliven your weekend adventures, be it on mountains or in the jungle. Enjoy!
    $ 51
  • Silver White Swimwear Combi Swimwear/Underwear by ZLCOPENHAGEN - Made of Recycled nylon
    silver white swimwear full by ZLCOPENHAGEN Danish Design recycled


    Be a naughty devil to impress your crush. Wherever you are it could be gym area, beach, club party, love intimation, and much more. But this is mainly supportive while you are up to swimming. This item is perfectly made to give your private part a comfy environment. A masculine body perfectly deserves this naughty little garment and it fits on your butt and bulge amazingly with the help of laces. So don’t be worry that it will be loose or tight because it is adjustable. This classy swimwear wants to behold your sexy butt and bulge. Just think about a fantasy that you are swimming on the beach or a pool and besides you, girls are swimming too they will not focus on the fun that they are doing, in fact, they will just madly stare at your sexiest swimwear. So you have an idea now that how much it could be attention-grabbing ever underwater. With this swimwear, your butt is almost half-naked. We designed it like that because we want to let water touch the maximum part of your body. Moreover, sex seekers can see many naked and beautiful parts that they can see.
    $ 51
  • ZLC Black classic swimwear.


    "The art of Body" is the ornament of a Hunk. It's never too late to add up to your sexuality and get a little alluring. With the sun at its zenith and your body sparkling under it, it's time to show off your sturdy thighs and fuel up the already hotter day. Your not-so-secret weapon deserves something delicate and your body, and ultimate comfort. Wear our ZLC Black Classic Swimwear, elegant, prestigious color and has the power of seduction to entice the most coquettish woman around you. So this summer, MAN UP, and let your body talk its way with some seductive wearing, that will entice the ladies and boys at the beach.
    $ 39
  • white Classic Swimwear by ZLC.
    5 Rules of Summer


    This summer, dominate the swimwear game whenever you feel like it with our new ZLC Snow White classic swimwear. Get rough on the beach sand and let your tanned skin sock some summer sun. Lying under the palm tree, it's time to get up and catch up with the beach girls that are all into your summer hot look. Give life to your sexual fantasies and let the inner naughtiness mingle with your ultimate fantasies. A blend of impeccable comfort and high-end design this swimwear speaks volumes about your elegance and sexual appeal without you saying a word. Your delicate good body deserves style, quality & comfort and ZLC will give you more than that. This swimwear will inject comfort & confidence anywhere you go. Show off your bubble butt and bulge with this devil hot piece of beauty.
    $ 39
  • pink swimwear men speedos


    ZLC Reversible Swimwear Pink Recycled. Going to a beach party and not wearing pink bathing trunks, because you're a man? YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN. Agree or not, but we all love breaking stereotypes. For years, pink has been associated as a feminine colour but not anymore, because today, he is a mix between metrosexual and spornosexual men. A girl wearing a pink bikini on a beach may seem hot but what about a man wearing pink swimwear? A picture-perfect. Add a refreshing flourish of tropical style to your poolside essential with our new stocks of pink swimwear. Beautiful trunks that show off your natural curves. With its reversible clothing feature, it not only offers you many different looks but also saves your time to wash less; which is not only great for lowering your bills, it’s also good for the planet. Sounds fair, right? All you need to do is wear the bathing swimwear and flex your body a little under the sun, and the beach girls (or boys) are down on you and vice versa. Made from luxurious, Italian fabric from ECONYL® regenerated nylon.
    $ 68
  • Black swimwear
    Black swimwear recycled back ZLCOPENHAGEN


    Willing to change your society? Start with your swimwear! As the name suggests, the ZLC Devil black swimwear is a wholesome package for your bodily pleasure. Never underestimate the power of this Devil wear, for it is not only swimwear but a gateway to your never-ending orgasm. While choosing swimwear for your next beach party, make sure you choose something that can attract single ladies and boys towards you. Be your kind of hunk with this swimmer that will be your all-time best friend at the poolside. Designed specifically for your sexy body this swimmer will allow you to have a pleasurable experience in the water while giving a good shape to your bubble butt in the meantime. So, try out this Devil swimwear and bring some naughtiness to your next beach visit that will work like a magnet to attract all the single ladies of town towards you. Emil is wearing size medium.
    $ 68
  • ZLC Violet Blue swimwear by ZLCOPENHAGEN.
    ZLC Violet Blue Swimwear Reversible & Recycled


    Reversible Swimwear Violet Blue Swimwear by ZLCOPENHAGEN. If you are planning to catch up with your friends at the pool party, consider wearing the new ZLC Violet Blue Swimwear. Made especially for the masculine body, this swimwear will look extremely attractive when a man like you are wearing it. When entering the poolside, it is going to be a rush out there. Girls and boys are all in the water, but you know what is missing? A sexy man like you. You throw away your regular suit and put on the ZLC Violet Blue and enter the pool. Girls around you cannot resist looking. They are already dreaming desperately of your attention. But you want to have some fun, while they are gazing at your wet body. You flex your body and jump into the bubbling water. Ad some sunscreen and let the hot sun caress your body. So, get ready for some extra fun on the poolside with our ZLC Swimwear collection.
    $ 68
  • ZLC Aqua Lime Swimwear
    lime swimwear


    If you have nothing exciting to wear for the beach this weekend, try our relieving ZLC Aqua Lime Swimwear, which is reversible, inside colour is purple. With that macho body, boys and girls are going to notice you on the beach when you're diving and coming out of the transparent water. Shouldn't you be wearing something that makes them look at you worth it? Of course, you should! Our ZLC Aqua Lime swimwear is made exactly to handle this. Either it's a cloudy eve or a sunny day, this swimwear will make you appear sexier even more than you expect on a hot sunny day. Get rid of your daily shorts and wear this sexy Lime colour that will compel the girls on the beach not to take their eyes off you. Have some fun with the beach girls and indulge shamelessly in the endless beach fun. Let the sun be on you to make your body shine a little. Socks some water and sun to your body and let your sexier look attract the young girls and boys to you. You will get out of the water and rub your body gently with the ZLC towel, while the girls around you will be gazing at you, and envying for your one look in our swimwear. Show your round bubble butt with pride.
    $ 68
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    navy swimwear


    Be elegant notwithstanding when you are swimming. Try out our new ZLC Marine Navy Blue swimwear that is reassuring in colour and appealing to look at. On the beach, under the shiny rays of the sun, it is the time to show off your body in a more confident and titillating way. So, take a deep breath, and jump into the sparkling sea blue water with our Marine Navy blue swimwear that is all about making you more alluring and seductive. Let this macho body get wet with the water and sock the sun when it passes its zenith. Time for the Volley Ball game, need to get out from the pleasurable bubbling water, the water-drops dripping off your flashy body and leaving a bit wet body is all that can make the ladies and men be lost in you. Don't forget to keep the ZLC Navy Towel and some sunscreen with you. Protect your silky soft skin, and provoke the boys with your spicy bulging look. Let the fun reach some extraordinary heights.
    $ 68
  • zlc-swimwear-grey-front


    Life needs flexibility so does your body. If it is going to be a casual pool party and you have chosen ZLC Silver Grey swimwear. The moment you enter the pool, it will make everyone have their eyes on you. Girls and boys are envious of your one look, but you have other plans - to have fun in the water. It's time to showcase your sexuality and you exactly know how to do that. You throw away your jeans and put on your ZLC Silver Grey Swimwear. You get straight into the water and your half-naked body makes everyone praise you. You step into the big pool and sit comfortably in your Grey swimwear. Your explicit body is making every lady around you have one look at your alluring thighs covered in the swimwear. You start doing fun into the pool and your semi-wet body is enough for ladies to get down on you. The lights in the club are gleaming and beats are playing. You just have to come out of that pool in that sexy swimwear and show some moves that you learned in Ibiza. Perfectly, it is time to reach some extra fun, and your smooth skin is wet with water. You can feel the energy of the moment. It's going to be a night with endless fun and excitement. ENJOY!
    $ 102
  • ZLC Red Swimwear with green lining inside Recycled and reversible


    Summer is approaching and so is the season of beach parties. Keep the fun mood going with our ZLC Blood Red swimwear collection. With the reversible clothing feature, ZLC Blood Red swimwear is a perfect choice for any summer beach ball. The first things that someone is going to observe on the beach are your exquisite swimwear. You will look alluring on the beach, with this seductive colour, and may attract the kitties on the beach. Your "flesh tower" is going to get comfortable swimwear that has all the potential to make the young girls and boys fall in love with you. Take a break from your hectic life routine and plan this weekend to go to the beach. With the boys and girls rolling in the water, your body in the Blood Red swimwear will look different and perhaps sexier. Let's cash this silly occasion to trap the beach girls and boys into your alluring appearance. Let the sun be directly hit you so that your body shines a little more. The beach water will leave your body wet, and perhaps make the girls around you wet too. Take a deep bath, get yourself dry in a more seducing way while putting sunscreen will keep your gentle soft skin protected from the scorching heat. Let your bubble but feel the ultimate comfort and make the ladies of the town get mad for you when they see you diving into the water - that too in the Blood Red swimwear.
    $ 68
  • peacock blue turquoise swimwear
    Inside out, turquoise swimwear by ZLC


    Bored of wearing the same dull colours again and again? Planning to go on a beach this weekend ahead and wants to look sexier and different? Then you're at the right place. ZLC Peacock-Blue Turquoise swimwear is all that you're looking for. The most versatile and sexiest of men's swimwear, looks perfect when wearing on a hot sunny day with the hot chicks all around you. Our ZLC Swimwear is the perfect all-rounder between the beach and everything else before and after. Styled after the fashionably look of the modern men's poolside essentials, these premium men’s swimwear is delivered in a body-sculpting and shape-contouring format for a perfect fit and a bubble butt, everyone will stare at. So let your body under the sky, sock some sun and your one-eyed monster get little comfort with this new Peacock-Blue Turquoise swimwear. The lifeguards on the beach will stay active and envy you, for this sexier look of you in the new Peacock-Blue Turquoise swimwear might make the bikini girls lost in the water while staring at you. Stay up for the beach ball, and let the fun begin, in a more dazzling way. Enjoy!
    $ 68
  • ZLC White Swimwear, eco-friendly and ethically made by ZLCOPENHAGEN


    Swimwear excessively makes you look hot notwithstanding when you are making a plunge cool water. And on the off chance that You Doubt Yourself, wear something different! No matter how many colours of swimwear you have in your drawer, the white is never going to be outdated. Pure in look and as fine as a diamond, the ZLC MILKY White Swimwear is perfect for your next beach festivity. Try the ZLC Milky White Swimmer that is made for your delicate sexy body. Your first appearance on the beach should make all eyes on you of the boys and girls. And you exactly know how to do that! Throw away your regular shorts and get dressed in this new ZLC MILKY White swimwear. Jump into the active waves of the water and let the little drops of water sprinkle over your gentle body. With your body a little wet and the pure white swimwear that is enough to make you look even sexier and provoke the boys around you, let this incredible moment reach some dirty height. Grab a towel and rub gently across your body and relieve your body with the sunscreen under the sun's warmth. Boom! Don't let this chance miss out. The ladies are already down on you. Now is the time to get some attention from the boys too...!!
    $ 68
  • beach shorts by ZLCOPENHAGEN Danish Design
    beach shorts by ZLCOPENHAGEN Danish Design


    , ,
    Bring the heat to the pool this summer with our hot shorts, which respond to temperature changes! Made of recycled polyester. They will give you the utmost feeling of freedom with your killer physique and hard-toned thighs. Your bulging muscular look and bubble butts need some attention. Things are definitely going to get scandalous when you will come out of the water in that wet sexy look with changed colour. Perfectly glued to your skin, with changing colour.
  • ZLC White classic posing pants
    ZLC WHITE HOTPANTS sailor boy


    , ,
    Bring the heat to the pool this summer with our hot pants. They will give you the utmost feeling of comfort, confidence, and masculinity. Perfectly hugging your butt cheeks and cradling your crotch so gently - nothing is hidden. Get the girls drooling and thirsty as you walk by with your killer physique and perfectly toned thighs. Get ready to show off your sturdy thighs and that fierce look of your body. It's never too late to tease the beach girls with your bulging muscular look. While the girls will be staring at your all-time killer physique you'll be having fun in the water wearing the hot white pants that will give comfort to your bubble butt and shape to the body. Never hide your inner naughtiness and let those beach girls know how wild you may get. You flex yourself a little before jumping into the blue water and the sunny rays on your body make it look like a gem. Things are definitely going to get scandalous when you will come out of the water in that wet sexy look. Get them lusting and craving to get naughty with you, as you walk out of the pool. Water running down your firm abs, as the sun shines on your skin. The Posing Hot pants, now perfectly glued to your skin, everything is seen. Watch them quiver in mental orgasm.
    $ 51
  • Eco-friendly Ethically made Athletic activewear
    Black Hot pants by ZLCOPENHAGEN


    , ,
    No shirt, no shoes. No problem. ZLC is here to remind you that your pants are what really count when you're on the beach. Just so you know the cardinal rules of styling function apply just as much to the first piece of clothing you get into as to the last you get out of. With the beach season making its way, it's time to add up to your inwear collection. Show off your bubble butt in a manly style on a hot summer day and those packs that you have worked on in the gym. Put on the new black classic posing pants under the warmth of the sun. Little sunscreen and a towel are all you need to carry with you. Jump right into the beach water in these posing pants that will make you look confident to be around girls and hotter to look at. Let your body play some dirty games and enjoy the summer fun in extreme.
    $ 51


Swimwear by ZLCOPENHAGEN is entirely made from ECONYL® - a regenerated nylon fiber coming from waste such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, fabric scraps, old carpets destined for landfills, and plastic components.




ZLCOPENHAGEN, or ZLC, shortened for Zahid Latif Copenhagen, is a Danish brand that aims to provide quality and sustainable swimwear and style to your body without harming mother nature. With the aim to go eco-friendly, we are setting a new trend of protecting the environment and giving you some fine products without compromising on our quality.

As a swimwear company that sells globally, we aspire to do things differently, initiating a rebellion. Born out of the idea that looking good doesn't have to cost the earth, we are taking the fight to fast fashion with the reimagining of the way that interacts with clothing.

Investing in high-quality products, excellent materials and a transparent ethically sourced supply chain, we are setting standards to be followed, when it comes to sustainable swimwear –  and they are here to stay. With its commitment to reusing and recycling waste products like old carpets and abandoned fishing nets, we hope of closing the loop on single-use plastic.

A Danish brand of ethical and sustainable products, ZLC is inspired by the idea that fashion and nature can go together, and cares about having a positive impact on the environment. We propose a slow fashion consumer-style that is why we use the best quality fabrics made with Econyl® regenerated nylon, which is not only friendly with the environment but helps reuse the abandoned material creatively, which will go to waste otherwise.

For ZLC it is fundamental to offer a timeless, eco-friendly and high-grade collection with colours and patterns that remain current throughout the years. The main object of ZLC is to create awareness about the importance of caring for marine biodiversity while giving you some fine men's fashion vibes. This is why as part of its commitment to the ocean ZLC doesn't compromise on its quality and style while being kind to the earth.



Recycling is the process where collected waste is turned into new products that contribute a lot of benefits both for the community and the environment. That is why ZLCOPENHAGEN is using Econyl® regenerated nylon for producing its beautiful swimwear you'd love to wear. The main idea is to pay attention to our environment. Recycling concerns natural resources helps to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emission that contributes to the global climate change, help sustain the environment for future generations, reducing the number of waste.




Also, the paracord bracelets are made of recycled materials. It is possible to enjoy wearing high-quality products with a clean conscience. Moreover, that conscience gives us strong motivation to take care of our beautiful “Mother Earth”. Here you can get a great collection of Eco-friendly swimwear for men, in every colour. Please note that Econyl® is regenerated nylon 100% from waste, performing the same as standard nylon. Reducing the global warming impact by up to 80% compared with nylon from oil. These features don't apply to the lycra part.

Shop a sustainable selection of men’s swimwear, swimsuits, and bathing suits on ZLCOPENHAGEN. Discover and explore the range of men’s swimming briefs, men’s short and swim trunks, and make a difference.

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Eric Leto wearing our swimwear at Bahamas. Swimwear by ZLCOPENHAGEN

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