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“Parachute cords” Originating from the Second World War for the use of parachutes, these eco-friendly bracelets are great symbol of strength and durability. We use parachute cords, which were made in USA. Paracord without a doubt is the “material” used by ecologists, we have them in many colors, like camo, glow with the dark, solid color and mix colors. The material is very durable, has light resistance, heat resistance, with a polyamide with a melting point of 244° Celsius.
Our handmade bracelet is made of eco-friendly parachute cords and 316L Stainless Steel, with ZLC logo engraving, with real military grade parachute cord.
These stunning bracelets are an accessory designed to match any outfit and any look. You can find different types of colors of the bracelets. As known colors symbolize and express nonverbal communication.