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Pashmina does make you stay warm and chic. Our ZLC Pashmina scarves and shawls are made from an adequate type of cashmere wool. Shop with confidence for the Fashion-Aware Man! Ethically handmade in Nepal, and collaboration with Pashminawear. Our products are, of course, made of the finest materials available.

These scarfs are an ultra-versatile accessory, a symbol of luxury and elegance. Perfect for summertime to wrap around your head for protection from the direct sunlight or in winters to protect you from the cold by wearing it around your neck in different ways. The tighter you wrap around, the warmer you will feel. If you are traveling to a beach,
You can tie around this scarf on your chest or around your waist. Pure Pashmina stoles/mufflers with 100 % pashmina content are available on the website now. Can be worn as stoles by women as well as muffler by men. Maybe a little gift for the man in your life with Valentine’s coming up soon! Here you’ll find the kind of quality, originality, and perfection you would expect from a real Pashmina Shawl. Solid color selection. If you want anything else, please contact us for a guide.

We have a variety of colors that you can choose from. If you choose one that suits your skin, it is best to choose an appropriate shade for your skin tone. Do you want to brighten a dull outfit, you can choose a bright color from our collection like Burgandy, Dark Blue, and everyone’s favorite BLACK. Always use a mild detergent or a hand washes your Pashmina shawls as much as possible to prolong their life and quality. These pashmina wool shawls are delicate; avoid washing them in machines or dryers. Only handwashing and dry cleaning could save your shawls from wear and tear.

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