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Looking for something classy to wear yet easy on the pocket? You’re at the right place. ZLC, A Danish in wear brand is committed to providing you comfort and style – that to an affordable price. It’s time to say adieu to the stress of finding quality briefs and get your hands on our ZLC brief collection.

We can assure you that you’re going to stay here forever. ZLC brief provides you with the congenial waistband that has the power to give you an aesthetic facade of your personality as that of a superman. One of our childhood mysteries has been why superman wears underwear over his clothes. Whatever be the reason but this particular clothing has always made him look bold and sexier – and we are all here to agree. Just as some fictional character that you may aspire, it’s not too difficult to have the same outlook and style. All you have to do is choose the right thing to wear, and the ZLC brief should never be your second choice.

Add some extra confidence to your body and link your personality with charm and style and that is all the ZLC will be offering you. Show off your bubble butt and bulge with some pride. Release your inside badass body, smoothly hugging your butt cheeks and cradling your crotch so softly. We present you with the best quality yet affordable underwear with worldwide delivery. Shop with us and experience the Macho Man of yours. The ZLC Brief Range provides you a congenial waistband giving an absolute fit as that of Superman.

  • Army trunks underwear organic by ZLCOPENHAGEN
    Underwear, briefs by ZLCOPENHAGEN


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    Great deal with our 2-pack solution. ZLC brief with silvery elastic waistband, is snug and close-fitting, designed to highlight your manly anatomy. The elastic waistband is made of up to 30% post-consumer recycled nylon, pleasant to the skin and more durable than polyester. The actual brief is made of GOTS certified 94% Organic Cotton and 6% Elastane. The cotton is organically grown and organically processed. No pesticides for our planet, no problematic chemicals for your body.
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    Underwear, briefs by ZLCOPENHAGEN
  • navy trusser med genanvendt nylon dansk kvalitet


    Brief azul marino con banda elástica plateada, El brief es ajustado, diseñado para resaltar tu anatomía varonil. La banda elástica está hecha de materiales con hasta un 30% de nylon reciclado, agradable a la sensación en la piel y que dura mucho más que el poliéster. El brief se fabrica con 94% algodón y 6% spandex. El algodón es cultivado y procesado de manera orgánica. No contiene pesticidas para no dañar a nuestro planeta, y tampoco tiene químicos problemáticos que puedan dañar tu cuerpo.
  • Army brief underwear recycled elastic front Danish Design by ZLCOPENHAGEN
    Army brief underwear with recycled elastic band Danish Design by ZLCOPENHAGEN_Underwear Brief with Organic Cotton


    Brief verde militar con banda elástica plateada. El brief de ZLC es a la medida y ajustado, diseñado para destacar tu anatomía varonil. La banda elástica está hecha de hasta un 30% de nailon reciclado, agradable a la piel y más duradero que el poliéster. El brief está hecho de 94% algodón y 6% spandex. El algodón es orgánico y procesado en modo respetuoso con el medio ambiente. El modelo usa talla mediana



Looking good without being cruel to the environment is the need of the time, and ZLC perfectly knows how to do it. With its aim to produce stylish yet eco-friendly products, ZLC offers high-grade recycled products with no compromise on their quality.

We provide you with a comfy waistband that is made of up to 30% post-consumer recycled nylon. By using the recycled materials for our products, that not only is decent for your delicate gentle skin but also gives a shape to your physique that is a requisite for a hunk. But being classy is not all we strive for. To come to our commitments of saving the environment, our policy to use recycled materials also helps in reducing energy shortage and helps in eradication of water and air pollution – precisely a wholesome strategy to save the environment from the consequences of human encroachment.

But that’s not all! To protect you from harmful chemical effects on your body, we use 94% organically produced cotton. A fact universally known, organically produced materials remain safe from pesticides and genetically modified organisms that have the potential to cause damage to farmers and their users. With its motive to satisfy the customer with quality materials,  ZLC furnishes the briefs with 6% spandex fiber that will not only give you comfort but a shape that your bulging body deserves.



Brief underwear by ZLCOPENHAGEN



One of the most widely used men’s inwears, briefs are a type of short and slim-fitted swimwear as opposed to boxers where materials go down the thighs. The briefs were first marketized on January 19, 1935, by Cooper, Inc. at Marshall Field’s departmental store. With its new and unique design that attracted, briefs soon made their way to the rest of the world. In Uk and North America, youth were inclined in buying this new wear and this had made in an increase in the briefs production and its increased popularity. Started from a departmental store, the brief soon gained immense popularity and in 1930 shops were selling 3000 pairs of briefs in only a week.

The tight briefs were blamed in the mid-90s that they cause infertility in men. However, this was proved to be wrong, and was suggested that it’s not underwear cut that leads to the medical issue but choosing the wrong size and incorrect fit. The wrong size and incorrect fit lead to squashing low sperm count, which is based on the latest research on sperm productivity.



In the mid-’90s it was wrongly believed that the briefs may cause infertility in men. However, the misconception was eventually proved to be wrong and it was suggested that the incorrect size and not the brief itself may have some medical consequences. It is now believed that the wrong size and fit of your boxer may lead to your low sperm productivity — a nightmare for men of youth. ZLC, keeping this concern of its customers in mind, produces the briefs that are fit to your body and are available in multiple sizes to give the perfect shape to your body that you need. These fit-shape briefs will not only be comfy to your body but will eventually hold your nightmare by increasing sperm productivity.



Men’s briefs have undergone several changes throughout the years. Technically there can be many types of briefs with the change in its design and style. However, men’s briefs have two common types; namely, Low-rise briefs and High-rise briefs.

Low-rise briefs: The idea of low-rise briefs come from the traditional view of maximizing the appearance of the body and the abdominal area of a man. Also knows as hipster style or low-slung, Low-rise briefs are considerably shorter and sit just above the hipbone.

High-rise briefs: High-rise briefs are another type of briefs that are popular today. High-rise briefs are usually longer than low-rise. Its design gives a whole coverage to a men’s body and supports the buttocks and back area. Also knows as full-rise brief or tradition cut, High-rise briefs are often worn for practical purposes and beneath traditional-rise clothing.

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Underwear brief Organic Cotton - Danish Design - ZLCOPENHAGEN


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