Choose this premium boxer to give your private part an airy and easier environment to make sperms faster. Yes, it’s true that if your underwear is airy and not so tight so it helps in making sperms fast.
This item is professionally designed so it perfectly fits on your manly thighs and muscular waist. You will feel so easy and comfortable if you are planning to go outside wearing this super cool garment underneath. This is so airy and cool because of the fly and broad bottom. Moreover, just imagine that you are performing gym and your sexy body is fully wet and droplets moving from the top toward your bottom and everyone staring at you. It will be the most enticing moment for all the girls around you. In fact, boys will be also get noticed. Blue and the shades of this color are always considered to be connected with men.
So be a man and attract your crush at the gym. As well as don’t hide your beefy banana because the boxer enables it to show more clearly. So now all the eyes are your private part and your wish becomes true as every sexy man dream.

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If you are looking for a macho boxer that will suit your muscular body then you’ve found the one. Navy boxer with button fly is soft and supportive, has a generous color, allowing for carefree comfort all day.

Our softer than soft boxer is literally made of organic material. The shape and material of our boxer match the prior studies which indicate that boys who wear boxer shorts have better sperm productivity than men who wear briefs underwear. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this sexy navy boxer with a button fly closer and show your girl that you deserve a gold medal for being sexy! The sexy design of the boxer perfectly shows off that bubble butt you worked so hard for in the gym.

  • Recycled plastic buttons at front
  • Navy boxer with button fly closer
  • Tag-less with heat pressed labels
  • Danish design – Proudly made in Pakistan

Made of 100% Oeko-Tex certified Organic Cotton. Free of harmful nasty chemicals. The elastic waistband is comfortable next to your skin. Our boxers are soft, and skin-friendly that nicely follows the contours of your body. Comes with 2 branded buttons at the front, with a button-fly closure. Loose Fit design, suitable for everyone, girls as well. 

Did you know, according to research, wearing a boxer improves your sperm production and junk size.

  • GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • 94% Organic Cotton, 6 % Elastane
  • Free of harmful nasty chemicals
  • Sanitized® Bacteria and Odour Control
  • Don’t dry clean or bleach
  • Maximum wash at 40° Celsius
  • Tumble dry on low heat, or better, air dry
  • Sizes: S – L Size guide
  • Follows the contours of your body
  • Comfortable next to your skin
  • Mid length
Rafael with our Navy Boxer.
How to look hot when naked


When we talk about underwear then there is probably nothing closer to your body. Almost all guys pull them every time when they step out of the shower. It took thousands of years to become the boxers or briefs that you are wearing now.

When we look back in history, the first known underwear dates to 7000 years. The leather was used to cover and protect the body by prehistoric men. And, till today, not much has changed. The Ancient Egyptian art shows that they used to wear a sort of specialized cloth called shendoh. They used to build extra garments for the use of the afterlife.

Before the 1920s, Boxers or briefs? was a question that would have gotten you a blank look. This is because boxers and briefs were not invented yet. men used to wear tight-fitting knee-length flannel beneath the pants, this era starts from Victorian times into the 1930s. Later on, leather-made boxers were replaced by flexible elastic waistable bands by Jacob Golomb, the founder of venerable boxing equipment.

As compare to underwear, Navy boxer with button fly weren’t an immediate success. Men were not crazy about them because they lacked support. And, finally, it was after World War 2 that boxers took off the ground. And now men love to add boxer into their collection



British Royal Navy officers were the first group of people that worn Navy blue color in 1748. The uniform was so elegant that, it was adopted by navies around the world. Navy boxer with button fly is just not only adopted by the military, but it is the color of deep, blue ocean and space.

Navy blue color evokes the idea of power and authority. It was chosen because of the colorfast of natural dyes. The blue color is associated with two of the giants of nature: the ocean and the sky. Some scientists believe that prehistoric people were colorblind as they could only recognize black, white, and blue. The blue color was first found out by Egyptians and they used it for decorative arts. The blue color kept evolving and now it is of a different color type. Navy blue is the most famous.

Fun fact: Sir Isaac Newton, who was the inventor of the color spectrum believed that a rainbow should have seven colors. These seven colors are to be matched by seven days of the week, seven musical scales, and seven planets in the solar system. The blue remains the most prominent.

ZLC 2-Pack boxer by ZLCOPENHAGEN - Oeko-Tex certified

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