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By Hamza Naeem, 15 July, 2019

Yes, Summer is finally here and it is time of the year when your Instagram feed starts blowing up with Shirtless pictures at pool parties and tropical beaches. Regardless of how many weeks you have spent to manage your gym routine and diet plans, there are pretty much chances that you might be realizing how miserably you have failed to accomplish your #summerbodygoals. Man up! There is no need to feel disappointed. Let’s make this summer all about self love, body positivity, and looking attractive with five simple rules of Summer.


5 Rules of Summer

Rule # 1. Embrace your Body

Stay focused and embrace who you are. We men sometimes size up each other especially when we are surrounded by other men with better built up physique. It gets intimidating at some point and we start judging ourselves negatively. But the key is to appreciate what you have and accept yourself. Beauty lies in Diversity! There are men with different body shapes, colors and sizes and that makes a person unique from others. But if you still feel dissatisfied with your body and want to change that, Level up your motivation and stick to your workout routine.

Rule # 2. Treat yourself good

Always exfoliate your skin with a body scrub. A good shower routine helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells from your body. If you are planning to go out to enjoy some summer time at a pool or a beach, Don’t forget to apply a high-potency sun block to all exposed skin for

maximum protection from harmful UV rays. You can also add some tanning oil on your body to get that perfect Mediterranean glow and a well toned beach body semblance.

Rule # 3. Manscape

You definitely don’t want to look like a King Kong at an Avengers party. So before you head out,  you need to do some proper manscaping. Keep up your masculine charm alive. Do not Shave or wax! Try trimming instead, as it is considered one of the most effective and safest way to manage unruly lengths to get a subtle yet well groomed look.

Black Classic Swimwear Brief

Rule # 4.

Choose a quality Swimsuit

Due to rising summer temperature, majority of men get skin infections due to sweat and friction from a cheap swimwear. A quality swimsuit regulates temperature in your lower body, lower frictions with the genitals and last longer than couple of washes. ZLCOPENHAGEN collection of Eco-friendly swimwear are entirely made from Econyl® – nylon fiber regenerated from scrap into performance fabric suitable for all body sizes and skin types.

Rule # 5.

Add a pop of color:

What you wear reflects your attitude and mindset. Its time to avoid all those boring colors and get into something fun and eye catchy. Women usually find a guy attractive who make bold wardrobe choices and wear that compliments his body. ZLC offers an impressive variety of new

season swimwear choices from neutrals to neon color that will definitely boost your confidence level and add a fun element to your personal style statement.

Mikael for ZLC