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18. July 2023 ZLC Team
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Unfortunately, I am the victim of a scam regarding hair transplant treatment. After that, I thought to write detail not on the clues, consequences and aftereffects of such horrible scams.

I got so hyper when they treated me brutally. This is insane when someone does not care about a client’s appearance. Because our physical appearance impact a lot in our daily life routine.

When it is about the comparison of money against your life, health or physical appearance, so obviously life, health and physical appearance come first. Therefore, people should not bother with hair treatment services that are cheap and easily accessible.

Clue No 1: Don’t Play With Yourself for Cheap Treatments
I am not targeting any country but according to the reports and surveys, most of the cheaters or unqualified services of hair treatment are reported from India and Turkey. Many times people become so multi-minded that why there are several hair treatments that cost unbelievably cheap. In general, quality hair treatments are expensive, In this way, people prefer less costly treatments that are easily available in India and Turkey.

On the other hand, USA, UK and Australia provide perfect hair treatment. No doubt, they are expensive but they don’t play with you. So just take care of yourself instead of saving money.

Clue No 2: Get Hair Treatment from Technicians or Trichologists

Never let an inexperienced person treat you blindly. According to surveys and reports, there are 99% of Turkish hair clinics and more than 90% of India’s hair centers do not have doctors or trichologists.

Unfortunately, the USA, Australia, UK, and UAE have also major ratios ranging from 60% to 80%. In fact, doctors just have a look at your hair transplant but they don’t play a major role till the execution of the hair treatment.

But still, there are 40 % to 20% of doctors provide extensive service till the execution. This is true that services become more expensive if doctors monitor till execution but you just have to remind one thing that you don’t have to play with yourself.

Clue No 3: Don’t Trust Every Doctor | Just Go with Reviews
Do you show an x-ray of bones to a kidney doctor?

The answer is absolutely not. Because there is an orthopedic for bones checkup and a nephrologist or urologist for kidney issues.

Unfortunately, several hair plant services hire Ayurveda practices, homeopathic doctors, and other irrelevant doctors to get a certificate of hair transplant being performed by a doctor. These doctors get a few training classes from the trichologists or dermatologists and get less experience but they often get certificates from that.

After that, they display their lucky results photographs to lure patients to their clinic to portray they are trained by qualified doctors.

In this way, don’t trust every doctor for your hair treatment. So just go with a doctor who is specialized in trichology or dermatology.

Clue No 4: Do Not Get Manipulated by Scam Doctors
Firstly, you just have to make sure that only some doctors are real doctors. There are hundreds of thousands of doctors in the world who just have fake degrees or certificates. Many hair treatment centers open their clinics and get you operated by several doctors. There are countless hair treatment centers in India and Turkey that set a cost of chief doctors but later you are bounded to choose other unspecialized and cheap doctors. So always confirm the charges first.

Clue No 5: Hair Society Memberships are Not Compatible
If we look into the hair treatment clinic market, hundreds of thousands of doctors write memberships of ISHRS, IAHRS, AHRS, and ABHRS, as degrees. Then they write they are qualified surgeons in hair treatments. In reality, these societies are created by a group of doctors to share knowledge and experience.

They are not training or medical institute. If we go to medical college so there are 5 to 6 years are required for the degree. This is not a joke. After that, you have to pass an exam as well. So please don’t rely on hair society memberships at all.

Moreover, you will find doctors in Turkey who have society memberships and they clearly mention on their website or platform that there will be no interaction with any doctor in your hair transplant or any hair treatment. Here, the doctor just monitors your issue and guides the technician.

Clue No 6: Transplanting your Graft by Unknown Technician
Many times clinics try to manipulate that only the slitting process or channel-making is needed from the doctor for having an organic hair transplant result. In this way, they give you the option to have another technician or doctor for grafting. They claim that there will be no side effects. In reality, grafting is so sensitive process that can be done by professionals. Your donor area has more risk of being damaged if any unknown technician performs it.

Clue No 7: Tablets or Injections Can be Risky
Tablets and injections during hair transplants can be risky. Here, a patient from Australia who had an experience regarding a hair transplant became worst. He was provided with tablets after the procedure. Usually scan doctors give sedative tablets and injections to the patient so that he cannot know who has done the surgery process.

On the other hand, there was a case in Indian Punjab that provided these types of sedative tablets to the victim in the name of painkillers and antibiotics. This type of scam is happening all around the globe.

In this way, a patient should have a basic knowledge of hair treatments. So that, a patient would not fall into the trap.

Clue No 8: Scams in the Name of Robotic Surgeries
Robotic surgeries for hair transplants are effective and reliable but it depends on the operator. The qualification and experience of a robotic surgery operator matter a lot. Any wise don’t go with this option.

Many scammers just show up on their marketing posts or posters about robotic surgeries. In reality, they give you seductive medicines or injections before surgery and do not operate yourself through robotic surgery. After the surgery, they claim that you have gone through with robotic surgery.